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Synthesizing Lessons

Lessons that teach synthesizing reading strategies

Lesson 11-1

Lesson: adding a synthesizing piece to Pete's brain.  

Lesson 11-2

Synthesizing is like putting together a puzzle.

Lesson 11-3

Lesson:  Synthesizing is like making cookies in your brain.

  • Show kids a recipe for chocolate chip cookies.  
  • When we make cookies we take all the ingredients and we mix them together to create a wonderful and delicious treat.
  • When we synthesize we take all the information an author included in their text and we mix it all together to create a wonderful party in our head.  
  • When I read I take all the information and my brain starts mixing it all together and I think about it, reflect on it, and then put it all together to more fully understand the author's message.
  • Today we are going to make some "reading cookies".
  • As I read we are going to take bits and pieces of information and we are going to write them on sticky notes.  Remember that we are recording important information.
  • When we are all done we are going to take all our thinking and put it together and see what wonderful things have happened to our thinking.  
  • You might want to record thinking on cookie shaped pieces of paper instead of post it notes.
  • You might also want to share a cookie snack with the kids at the end of the lesson.

Lesson 11-4

Lesson:  When we synthesize our thinking takes shape

Lesson 11-5

Lesson:  When we synthesize our thinking sometimes changes.  

Lesson 11-6

Lesson:  When we synthesize our thinking blooms

Lesson 11-7

Lesson: Sometimes when we synthesize we have to take out the trash.

Lesson 11-8

Lesson: When we synthesize it's like building a house.


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