The Learning Pad


Welcome to Our Pad!

Second Graders Leaping into Learning!

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It's A Hoppening Place


Our class is a "hoppening" place. Readers and writers grow and blossom as the year progresses. Mathematicians discover new patterns and concepts. Scientists share their vast knowledge of snakes and sharks and other fascinating creatures during our class discussions. We explore numbers and patterns in our world as we problem solve. We read voraciously and we write about the many things that fascinate us. There is always something wonderful happening. Our classroom is a laboratory for learning and discovery. Excitement is in the air!

Life at the pond


We leap head first into learning and we have a great time making new discoveries together!

If you peek in our room you won't see quiet children in nice neat rows. What you will see is children stretched out on the floor writing, huddled in groups around a book, confering with peers, discussing ideas in small circles, or working together around tables. Every learner is actively engaged in the learning process. It might seem a bit chaotic to an outsider. What you are seeing is a laboratory full of children who are discovering the joys and wonders of words, numbers and information.

I have high expectations. I expect learners to work hard and take responsibility for their learning. I will support them, guide them and help them to become passionate learners. I will provide them with an environment that is nurturing, stimulating, and opens doors into a literacy rich world. We will journey together into the wonderful world of words and numbers.


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